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As known, one of the main indicators of a country’s development is the amount of energy consumption.  Nowadays, the most significant problem facing the countries is the energy. For the solution of such a problem, the generation of clean energy, storage, distribution and use are important parts of the studies conducted at national and international levels. Because of the limited fossil energy resources; especially oil used as a political pressure tool, is not clean, but also polluting the atmosphere; increasing CO2 and other gases and climate change triggers, the energy issue is larger in size and gain importance. Energy requirements are resulting from successive energy crises, population growth and developing technologies, directed the scientists and international organizations to the most efficient and environmentally friendly clean energy sources instead of consuming the most energy.

The aim of this symposium is to build a scientific ambiance for the researchers in different disciplines, in state institutions, local governments, industries, etc. for determination and use of clean energy sources in our country.

For the occurrence of this concept, an arrangement of 10th International Clean Energy Symposium (ICES) on a larger scale necessity has arisen, which is launched first 23 years ago. It is real that only ICES as one of energy symposiums organized in Turkey has provided long time continuity.

Finally the ninth ICES was held in 2013, in Konya, Turkey.

We believe and look forward to see you in October 2016, in the Internationally attended 10th International Clean Energy Symposium Concerning Turkey and the whole World.