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As is known, the main indicator of a country’s development, the amount of energy
consumed. Today, the most important energy issues facing the countries. Such a solution
of the problem of clean energy production, storage, distribution and use of the national
and international levels is an important part of the work.
Fossil energy sources are limited, especially in the use of oil as an instrument of political
pressure, clean, not to be polluting the atmosphere, increasing CO2 and other gases and
climate change, triggers, and importance of the energy issue gives the larger sizes.
Successive energy crises, population growth and the resulting energy requirements as a
result of advancing technology, scientists and international organizations, welfare,
rather than consume the most energy, renewable, clean, which is cheaper in the long
run, the most efficient and environmentally friendly clean energy sources has lead to
benefit .
The goal of this symposium, determination and use of clean energy sources in our
country in various branches of science, government agencies, local authorities and
people working in the industry by offering the views of the research and debate on
these issues, or units, meet and showcase their products to create a scientific

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